In this day and age, the secret to a successful dealership is very simple - "Earn the trust and respect of all customers - to keep them coming back". At Steingold Volvo Cars, we pride ourselves in repeat business as our loyal customers are the heart of our operation. That's why we go a step further when inspecting our pre-owned vehicles. Our certified inspection process ensures every aspect of the vehicle you purchase has been thoroughly checked by one of our Volvo Factory Trained Technicians. We also have absolutely no restrictions to their suggestions. It's very simple. If our technicians think something needs to be replaced or repaired, it gets done. Period. We follow a multi-point safety inspection, as laid out by Volvo corporate, to make certain you get a vehicle you can count on.

And remember, if a vehicle passes our Certified Inspection Process, it will most certainly pass yours!

*Important things to remember with Certified Vehicles from Steingold Volvo Cars:

  • All vehicles undergo the most current Factory Scheduled Maintenance/Service by our Certified Volvo Technicians.
  • Vehicle Exterior is carefully washed, buffed, waxed and free of virtually all cosmetic dings/dents/scratches/etc.
  • Vehicle Interior is thoroughly cleaned, shampooed and vacuumed to ensure most evidence of prior use is removed.
  • All aspects of vehicles are inspected for approval by our Trained Technicians - brakes/rotors/tires/wipers/etc.
  • Vehicles are completely free of aftermarket components/devices. Basically, if it is not a Volvo system, you won't find it in our Certified vehicles.
  • Two (2) Master Key sets are included with all Certified Vehicles purchased from Steingold Volvo.
  • Complete Owner's Manual, Warranty Information Booklet and Maintenance Booklet is included with all vehicles.
  • All Electronic Components are inspected and updated with the most current software. If a vehicle is equipped with a Navigation System, the most current Map Data disc will be downloaded.
  • All vehicles are road-tested by our Factory Trained Technicians to ensure all operations are as expected to ensure the most pleasant driving experience.