Roadblock Clear Protection Film

Roadblock Clear Protection Film

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What is Roadblock Clear Protection Film?
Roadblock Clear Protection Film is a transparent polyurethane film that adheres to the painted surface of vulnerable areas on your vehicle. It can be removed without any damage to your paint and does not effect appearance and aerodynamics. It is not visible from just a few feet away and with minimal maintenance the film will last many years keeping your paint protected while looking great.

Will this product damage my paint?
This product is designed to help protect your OEM factory paint. Rest assured, this will not damage it.

Can the film be removed after installation?
Yes. It can be removed easily and will not damage the paint. To remove the film, you must heat the surface to approximately 120°F while working a corner of the film with your fingernail. Once you have enough of the material free from the surface to hold on to, slowly pull the film from the paint. A "safe for paint" adhesive remover can easily remove any residue if this occurs.

How hard is it to see on the car after application?
The material is over 95% clear. On virtually all color vehicles, you can't see the film from just a few feet away.

For Roadblock Clear Film Protection pricing, please contact the Service or Sales Team at 401-723-4700
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