Volvo Cars | Innovation For People

At Volvo Cars, we continuously innovate in order to make your life better.
Every car, every technology, and every design is the result of a clear vision - to put people at the heart of everything we do.

To value people as individuals with specific needs, and to develop everything first and foremost through a human-centric lens. It's a vision that has always driven us from the start and will continue to drive us into the future.

It has inspired us to create the likes of the three-point safety belt and side-impact airbags - inventions that have saved lives and changed automotive history. And with our new generation of models we continue with this tradition. Scandinavian design combines with purposeful luxury to enrich your driving experience.

Intuitive technology makes life less complicated and keeps you connected with the world. The latest power-trains balance responsive power with class-leading efficiency. And our enhanced safety innovations are always there to support you, helping to  prevent accidents and protecting you if one occurs.

Making every journey safer, more comfortable, and enjoyable. We understand what's important to people. It forms the basis of all the innovations we create.
Innovations that improve lives.

At Volvo Cars, we design our cars around you.

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