The new Inscription from Volvo V60 is a popular Scandinavian-inspired midsize sports wagon that can exceed your expectations for a reliable family vehicle. In fact, when you first see it in person, you may marvel at the upscale leather that covers every inch of the seating as well as key areas like the steering wheel and inside doors.

Scandinavians are not ones to tolerate being cramped into small cars when they drive. As such, the Inscription features roomy interiors with seats that can be electronically adjusted for extra comfort. The newest Volvo V60 Inscription is also designed for ease of handling in any road conditions. Inspired by the often wet weather in Scandinavian countries, this popular midsize wagon offers stability control and anti-lock brakes that prevent your car from sliding off in wet or snowy driving road conditions.

Appreciate the Volvo V60 today for yourself. Test drive one to experience it firsthand.


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