At Steingold Volvo Cars, we realize that knowing when to replace your tires may seem like a mystery, but the subject is actually straightforward. Understanding this issue can keep you happily driving around Pawtucket.

We want you to know that your tires can tell you when to replace them. Today's tires have tread-wear bars built into them. The bars run perpendicular to a tire's grooves. If you look into a groove and let your eyes travel along it for a few inches, you will find a wear bar. The rubber remaining above the bar is the amount of safe-driving tread left on your tire. If there's no tread above the bar, you should replace one or more tires.

Also, other signs indicate when you need new tires. Chiefly, you should look for wear spots on your treads. These spots have multiple potential causes. Do not let uneven wear linger. Addressing it will save you money in the long run.


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