Your vehicle's alternator is a main component of its electrical system. Its role is to power the vehicle's starter and to recharge the battery while you drive. Our Steingold Volvo Cars team members agree that alternators are the unsung heroes of vehicle electrical systems. Here's why.

Transforming Motion Into Electricity

Very much like a generator, a vehicle alternator creates electricity out of seemingly nothing. It corrals the power of motion from your car's spinning wheels and turns it into electricity. As you cruise through city, your car's alternator continuously creates and sends electricity to your vehicle's lights, gauges, switches and computers.

From WWII Vehicles to Modern Hybrids

Special-use WWII automobiles first incorporated alternators into their designs. The component reappeared in the Model T by Ford and became standard in 1960 with the manufacture of Chrysler's Valiant.

Many of today's hybrids don't have alternators. Instead, they have motors that create their own power. They also have special batteries that get recharged via regenerative braking.

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