Volvo V90 Crossover Can Alert Drivers to Hazards

The 2019 Volvo V90 crossover is a popular vehicle that has many talents. In addition to many safety systems such as reinforced passenger compartments, this roomy and comfortable crossover also takes active measures to promote driver and passenger safety. Included in this list of measures are features like driver alerts and road condition scans.

Driver fatigue is a condition that affects many vehicle operators, but the new Volvo V90 helps to mitigate the risks of such situations with it's driver alert control system. This system can keep track of normal driver behaviors and provide audible and visual alerts if vehicle operators seem to be getting drowsy.

In addition to keeping tabs on drivers, the new V90 crossover also scans outside conditions. The Volvo Distance Alert system scans roadways in front of the vehicle and gives drivers the heads up if foreign objects get too close. Another clever Volvo protective system is it's Runoff Mitigation service. This technology can predict if road runoffs or other accidents may be likely and take protective measures such as pre-tightening seat belts.



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