Traveling With Pets as Passengers

At some point, all pet owners have to transport animals in a vehicle. Although this seems like a harmless task, it can lead to dangerous driving conditions. Learn how to safety transport your pet to avoid unnecessary accidents.

You need to make sure your pet is properly restrained when traveling. Roaming pets in a vehicle can cause hazardous distractions. It is best to place pets in a carrier when riding in a car. You can also try specially designed barriers or seat restraints to keep them in place.

Prepare your pet for car travel one step at a time. Allow your pet to get accustomed to vehicle travel by taking them on short trips. Slowly integrate longer trips to help your pet deal with the increased time of restraint.

If you drive with pets on a regular basis, you may need a pet-friendly vehicle. Contact Steingold Volvo Cars to learn about all the possibilities.



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