Here are a Few Helpful Tips for Avoiding a Tire Blowout

Taking a more proactive approach to the health of the car tires can have a big impact on reducing the chances of a tire blowout. It only takes the pressure in the car tire to drop a pound or more for that to increase the chances of a tire blowout. Usually, newer cars have a tire pressure monitoring system on board to assist with identifying issues with low pressure, but you can also use a regular tire gauge to check for issues weekly too.

Each time the car tires slam into a curb or into a pothole, you may be doing more damage than you think. Once the alignment of the car is off, the front tires can start wearing unevenly which starts to increase the chances of a tire blowout. Scheduling your next car's tire rotation appointment with our Pawtucket Volvo dealership will greatly reduce the chances of these issues occurring without us spotting them.

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