Roadside Emergency Kits - What Do You Need?

Roadside emergency kits are something we hear about and think they’d be a good idea, but seldom take the time to assemble. Are you one of those individuals? Not to worry! Stop at Steingold Volvo Cars and let us give you a hand. We have a full selection of supplies and can help you out.

Roadside emergency kits should include the basic emergency supplies. These might mean different things depending on your climate, but you can’t go wrong with water, first aid supplies, batteries, flashlights and jumper cables. If you have children, you might consider some snacks and non-perishable beverages and some simple games. Colder temperatures may require extra blankets, hand warmers, shovel and an extra pair of boots.

Even if you’ve never had a roadside emergency, you can still benefit from just from knowing you’re prepared. Visit us at our Volvo service shop today. We offer various other automotive supplies and services.

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