What do Your Tire Pressure Icon Lights Mean?

Have you noticed your tire pressure coming on lately? If you have tried to fill your tires and found that they continue to go flat, then you may have an issue that requires a patch or new tires. However, there are a few reasons why your tire pressure light may come on even if you do not have a flight.

Most tire pressure warnings are meant to alert you to pressure that is dropping in your tires. Tire pressure can drop below 32 PSI in some cases which can cause the warning light to go off. You simply need to fill the tire in order for it to go away in most cases.

Tire pressure lights may come on if you have unsafe driving conditions due to the tires as well. However, if the light is coming off and on when you start, then you may have a faulty light that needs repairing. You can talk to the service department at Steingold Volvo Cars to get a great service rate.

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