Even with a flat tire, you can ride the rim to get the vehicle off the road and out of the way of traffic. Once in a safe spot, make sure the vehicle is in park with the parking brake engaged. Loosen all the lugs on the flat tire but don't remove them. Raise the vehicle with the jack high enough so the tire clears the road.

Loosen the lugs and remove them now, then take the tire off the studs. Place the spare tire on the studs and tighten the lugs by hand, then a turn with the lug wrench. Lower the car, then tighten the lugs all the way. Pack your tire and tools in the trunk, drive to the service station to have the tire replaced.

Keeping up with tire rotation appointments will allow the crew at Steingold Volvo Cars to keep eyes on the tire treads and spot potential issues before they become roadside emergencies.



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