Volvo V90 Safety Features That Give You Confidence

The Volvo V9 is turning heads because of its safety rating. Volvo has always been known for highly safe vehicles and test crash ratings. The 2019 V90 is no exception. With options like Intellisafe and 360-degree Surround View, you can truly feel comfortable driving in a car that’s made to not let you crash. There are few new technologies that you may not have heard of that are now included with the V90 as well.

This includes Intellisafe, which is a world-first in road edge protection. You don’t have to worry about running into an intersection with auto-brake, and you can always use Pilot Assist Technology to guide your vehicle if you can’t use the steering wheel. The V90 will input steering for you, so that you stay within the lane.

While Volvo still wants to improve upon safety in the V90, it’s pretty close to perfect. You can test drive the all new Volvo when you stop in to Steingold Volvo Cars.



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