Why Should You Choose Washer Fluid Over Water This Spring?

Here at Steingold Volvo Cars, we know that finding the time to bring your car in for maintenance can often be a difficult task. You have responsibilities to keep up with in the Pawtucket, RI region. However, you should never make the error of filling up your windshield washer reservoir with water. Why is this such a big mistake?

Water can have a negative effect on your overall visibility. While washer fluid contains solvents to get rid of that grime and dead insects that clutter your windshield, water just spreads them around. The washer fluid also freezes at a much lower temperature than plain water, and in cold weather, you may damage your pump and lines if you opt for water.

Finally, the windshield washer fluid also lubricates all the moving parts of your system so that you can avoid unnecessary damage to your car. It only takes a few minutes to swap out your fluid or top off your tank, and doing so is one of the least expensive car maintenance items on your list. Make your way to our Volvo service facility soon for a windshield washer fill-up!

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